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Science to make use of natural

Correspond with nature breath

Correspond with nature breath



From 20 years of organic cosmetic development, products realize "100% natural ingredients" "complete chemical ingredients".

We don't use at all: Petroleum origin, Animal origin ingredients, synthetic flavorings, coloring agents, preservatives, ingredients suspected of environmental hormones. We will not conduct animal experiments.


Integration of natural and science

We don't use the traditional steam distillation method. We approach squeezing method, extraction method using petroleum-based ingredients, but also cutting-edge "subcritical water extraction" rare in the world in the cosmetics industry. Prior to adopting, we reflect the possibility of active ingredients of traditional plants to the maximum in products.

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Care of your health

Plant power focusing on beautiful skin effect


Our honor

Social products awards

Good Design Award of 2013

Certified Project for "Agriculture, Commerce and Industry Collaborative Project"


The natural way of Japanese beauty

Strict voluntary standard exceeding the common sense of organic cosmetics

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